Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retreat in St. George

This was my layer cake project. Made with leftover Moda fabric. I think I have enough for 2 more quilts. I really liked it when I started buying it but I might need a break from these soft tones.

Vickie and Bernice were busy making self - binding blankets

Susan was amazing as usual! The fastest quilter in the west.

Quilt within a quilt

This quilt started as a mystery quilt from Hancock Fabrics. Each block came with a piece of mystery fabric and a pattern. If your block was different than everyone else's you were given a store credit. I ended up with enough credit to buy the backing. I had such a difficult time trying to piece the blocks together with all the odd mystery fabrics that I changed directions. I made a Texas Star (quilt) for the center and then using the background fabric to blend all the fabrics, I framed the star with the mystery blocks. I gave it to my grandma.