Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black Red and Tan

This is freehand quilting that I did when I was beginning. I was really happy with it at the time. now when I look back I see so many things I would do differently.

This is the completed quilt. I made it as a wedding gift and the bride choose the colors. I wasn't sure I would like it as I tend to go for more scrappy looks but it is one of my favorite patterns and I love how striking it is. Someday I will use this pattern again.


  1. I'm impressed with the quilt and that you blogged. :o)

  2. I think I will like the blog once I get used to using it. I tried to cut and paste and couldn't do it. I am sure there are some tricks to learn.

  3. Impressive...not the quilts, the blogging. Ha. Hey, see one quilt you've seen them all. NOT.

    To Copy: highlight word(s), then - ctrl & C
    to cut: highlight word(s), then - ctrl & X
    to paste: put cursor where you want the word(s) then - ctrl & V.

  4. Pictures can't be pasted into a blog.